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Saturday, September 17, 2011


So, yeah, I didn't finish the road journal.
Hey, I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting here at all.

We move into our house in about three hours, in West Seattle. For the last week and a half, we've been staying with some of ugali's very generous friends. It was a nice place, and they were great hosts, but I'm more than ready to be in my own space.

Right now, I'm sitting in a cafe in Alki, the neighborhood in West Seattle that looks out over Puget Sound. The view is breathtaking, and the coffee is not Starbucks.

We have lots of friends here. Our circles are already expanding. The SCA is in gear for me again. (I have already marshaled a mini-tourney at the Baronial Social.) I find a job, and all will be good.

Things really feel like they are falling in place.

As I look out at this view, and feel so at calm, I'm reminded of a quote from the movie The Warriors, said by Swan when the gang gets back to Coney Island. "When we see the ocean, we figure we're home. We're safe."

Sunday, September 4, 2011

7:12AM - Catching Back up - Tuesday

So Tuesday morning I was a little lazy, 2eclipse made me a lovely breakfast, and we spent a little more time catching up. If all journeys are basically retellings of the Odyssey, this was my isle of the lotus eaters; it felt like we could have sat there talking forever.

So once I finally motivated, it was off to conquer Minnesota and parts of North Dakota! The day was actually quite gray and cool, and not terribly interesting. Around Fargo, I had to deal with some thunderstorms, but at least it broke up the monotony, right?

The destination for the day was Bismarck, ND. I wasn't sure what there would be past it, so I just got that far and stopped. And found it nigh-impossible to get a hotel room. Apparently between the oil boom in Western North Dakota (which I didn't realize was going on) and the floods this last Spring, the only rooms available were at a $58/a night Motel Six. Where you had to pay for internet and they only had smoking rooms left. Not my favorite hotel in all my moving adventures.

One bright note; Bismarck has a Schlotsky's deli. I have missed Schlotsky's since leaving Texas. That was one good sandwich!

Soon I will post Wednesday, with its fog, Painted Canyons, and Red Elvises!

6:45AM - Catching Back up - Monday

So when we last left me, I was in Kenosha.
One of the better hotel rooms; it covered all the basics, which is what I needed from it. I got a decent hotel free breakfast, talked to the family of punks (I think their son wanted to steal the Zim shirt off my back.) and hit the road.
Well, first a small detour to a big chain store to get socks (which got thrown in the truck instead of the cab) an aux line (because Penske trucks are cool that way and I was able to listen to MP3s through the truck stereo the rest of the way) and massive amounts of caffeine.
Northern Wisconsin was beautiful, and I got my first little taste of windy hill country. I survived with aplomb, and actually thought I might be doing better with such things. ha...

Of course, the big part of the day once again came at the end, when I pulled into North St Paul to spend the night (and her birthday) with 2eclipse and her husband. She and I have a way of sitting down for these long, intense conversations about religion, art and life when we are one on one, and throughout a night of a good brewpub, purchasing some wine, and soaking in their hot tub, our conversation did not disappoint. When her husband got home around 11,(his work is rather hectic atm) we reminisced a little about the good old days of One World before I eventually crashed.

It was wonderful to not be in a hotel for that one night!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I was going to do all the updates I was behind on yesterday. but the fershtinkin hotel internet died on me. I am safe in Seattle, and will finish up the travel logs once I have recovered from the final day's drive.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yeah, I know I have yesterday's stories and today's, but sitting in this crappy smoking room in a Motel 6 because it was the only room in Bismark, and still cost $59 plus $3 for internet, I don't feel much like writing.

Gonna just futz, try to get to sleep super early, and FLY out of here at like 5AM...

Monday, August 29, 2011

1:56PM - Wait, you said you were stopping in South Bend...

So yeah, most of my stories don't come until the end of the day.

-Getting around Pittsburgh wasn't as bad as I remember it coming out. Maybe the hills shrunk in the intervening 12 months? I don't know? Maybe it was because the beginning of my day instead of the end. The one problem with it being early in the day meant it was impractical to stop and see wildpaltez. Which would have been nice
-I should have remembered I hit my doldrums around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, from my previous drives. If I just work through it, I get a huge energy burst later. (More on this in just a bit)
-There is NOTHING better than being 20 miles from the rest stop and needing to use the facilities for getting one over their qualms about passing slow-moving traffic!
-It must have been around 4 when I started getting my second wind. At about the same time, I realized that I had my first "use it or lose it hour" with the time zone change. I haven't been sleeping all that much anyway, so its pointless to try to use it for an extra hour of sleep at night. I would hit South Bend around 7~ish, with daylight still there.
-Well, if I was going to go past South Bend, it really only made sense to get around Chicago, or I would have had to deal with Monday morning rush hour. I thought there would be an opportunity to see another friend if I made it early enough, but car trouble prevented her from being able to meet me.
-Made one minor mistake which is being corrected today easily enough. At the 90/94 split I was supposed to take 90, but since I'm eventually on 94, I went that way. Still took me in the right direction generally, just a little further east of if I had taken 90.
-Got around Chicago and realized I was THAT close to Wisconsin, and being able to say I was in Wisconsin over just around Chicago was super cool. What can I say, it was almost 10PM I had been driving 13 hours, and I was a bit punchy!

Ok, I should get out of McDonalds and back on the road. Isn't it great almost every McDonalds in the country has free WiFi?


Long, crazy day that ended up being 600 miles (from East of Pittsburgh to Kenosha, Wisconsin)
I'm waking up late and being leisurely before I get on the road, I'll try to do a post about it in the morning. Right now, the bed is calling.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10:51PM - Packing and Getting the Drive Started

Today was painful, literally.

-First off, Penske is the way to go as far as truck rentals. They really are the best out there.
-Sadly, two of the people I was counting on for help and emergencies come up. One had some serious car issues and the other had a family/hurricane related thing; I can't fault them having their own lives and their own problems.
-For most of the day, it was just Diana and myself. Hence the physical pain. The constant rain didn't help either. I ended up hauling a LOT. Michael and Katy showed up at just the right time to help us with some of the big stuff before they had to wander off, and their help was appreciated. One of the neighbors helped for a little bit. And then finally we had Diana's friend Jason, who was a godsend. I'm great for the beginning of a move, but about the time the truck is 60-70% filled, I have a oh my G-d, I can't make it all fit!!! moment. The two of them did a great job of Tetris, and nothing we really cared about was left behind.

Then I hit the road, getting out of town before the weather got bad. I think most people were trying to stay off the roads, because I had no problem getting up 76 to the Turnpike. After the arduous pack, I had given up on previous plans to power through past Pittsburgh tonight, but was determined to at least be past Harrisburg. I ended up going a bit further, to Bedford, which means I am more than half way done with the state.

And then proceeded to lock my keys in the truck, with the engine going, in the motel parking lot. Remember I said Penske is the way to go? Roadside service had a guy to me in 15 minutes. It took him almost an hour, but he got it.

I'm in my hotel, fed, bathed, and playing with the HoMedics massage toy I somehow presciently put in my shoulder bag.

Tomorrow shall be interesting, as I do the windy, mountainous part of the Turnpike, and then Ohio!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hmmm....I may be able to time my travels so I am in the same town in Montana that the Red Elvises will be playing in....Hmmmm.....

2:08PM - Didn't I just do this drive?

ugali flew out at 6AM this morning; she should be in Seattle by now.

I have a few last minute packing things to deal with, then get the truck from Penske at 9am tomorrow. I have a very small crew of people who can help, but hopefully we can get it done quick and I can get on the road by 2 or so, and hopefully miss the storm coming in in front of Irene.

Goal for tomorrow is be done with the PA Turnpike before I stop. Ambitious, yes. But if I don't get out of here tomorrow, I'm stuck until Monday, in order to wait out the hurricane.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Its official. Seattle. We'll be there early September.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

2:29PM - I love my neighborhood. I hate my knee.

So last night, in many ways, was a quintessential West Philly night.
We braved the 90% chance of thunderstorms and incredible humidity to go check out free Shakespeare in the Park in Clark Park. They were putting on Much Ado about Nothing, and it looked to be a good production. They were setting it post-WWI.

On our way down Baltimore avenue, we stopped by Fu Wah, this little corner store that makes the most incredible Vietnamese hoagies. ugali waited and I walked over to the park to set out the blanket. We got great seats on the hill, had wonderful sandwiches, and while there was one moment where the sky threatened, it held off.

The play was great; good costumes, good band, great actors. The evening actually cooled off just enough to make it enjoyable.

And then, my leg struck. Eventually, laying on the ground, my left leg went to sleep, as it will sometimes do. It got to the point where I decided to try to walk it off, and that's when things got fun. I initially stood, but when I tried to go up the little hill we were on, it decided it was having none of that. Next thing I knew, it started bending in the wrong direction, and I just barely righted myself before actually falling on ugali. Nothing popped or cracked, and the excitement provided enough circulation that the leg woke up. Just scary more than anything else. And of course, today, it is a bit tender, but it seems like everything is functioning.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Wow. Just drove by the church where SOTM used to play when I first got to DC. Memories...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So we're in Tacoma Park, at an old high school friend of ugali.
She has an interview with a small government agency tomorrow. Its not our first choice (the position isn't that great, but...)

So I might post at some point tomorrow that I am at X coffee shop in Arlington. Or we might tell people to meet us at Hee Been for lunch. WHO KNOWS?


Hi Livejournal, I think I might be back.
Or I might just switch over to DreamWidth. But the point is, I think I want to come back to a medium a little less ephemeral than all the social media sites!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

2:35PM - A Dance With Dragons

So one piece of information I got on pp. 576-577 started my head whirling with theories and speculations.

I hope I remember how to do a Read more...Collapse )

Saturday, October 2, 2010


The game is no longer Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It is now Six Degrees of rani23!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

6:57PM - TdS!

The TdS! filter is set up, and I have posted the project name and a tease line over there.
More once I have
(a) collapsed
(b) recovered from said collapse
(c) unpacked a little
(d) had a chance to actually make sense of my pages of mad scribbling notes from the road trip.

If you are still wanting in on the filter, just let me know!

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